Engineering and Innovation.

We develop and implement engineering projects with optimization in the management of resources.

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Design, development and implementation.

For 20 years, we are working with high standars of quality for the archivement objectives, with the capacity to involve differents specialities thats require: Engineering process, civil, electric, mechanic (equipement), pipeline, automatization and control. We are fully trained for implement and/o lead workings in Colombiar and abroad.

International experience:

  • Perú
  • Ecuador
  • Argentina
  • Honduras
  • México
  • Panamá



Sector minero, Industrial, Oil & Gas.

Since 2001 we have an established and solid presence in the hydrocarbon industry, where we have developed large-impact projects in the country.

We service the Latin-American market with support from our branch in Houston –USA.

  • Conceptual, Basic and Detailed Engineering.
  • QA/QC.
  • Integral Project Management
  • Development of EPC projects.
  • Precommissioning, commissioning & start up.
  • Consulting and environmental auditing services.

Project executed: Santa Rita

Conceptualization, Design and Construction.

We provide engineering solutions using cutting edge technology in 2D and 3D CFD simulations, mainly to analyze industrial processes that involve fluid dynamics

  • Engineering development and process equipment design.
  • Equipment optimization and integral treating and production processes.
  • Energy efficiency studies minimize the OPEX from production and surface facilities.
  • Sensibility analysis of the process variables.
  • Design and provision of process equipment.

Project executed:: Diseño de sistema de separación.

Prevent, Evaluate and Mitigate risk.

  • Corrosion analysis and solution development.
  • Cathodic protection designs.

Project executed: Sistema de protección Cama Anodica

Consultancy, Auditing, Construction.

To accomplish an efficient and environmentally friendly construction, we have dynamic fully-trained staff at your disposal, who can offer consultation and assessment in any project, from it planning to its execution, and provide different alternatives to ensure the highest quality and lowest costs

  • Planning, auditing and management of infrastructure projects.
  • Construction.
  • Design, fabrication, provision and modernization of residual and drinking water treatment facilities.
  • High-resolution drone topography with Global Mapper software.

Project executed: Bodegas - Aromatiss


Highlighted Projects


Development and acquired

CONTROL-HT. V3 (Version 3.0)

Task and performance control of personnel in any project.

CONTROL-OB. V4 (Version 4.0)

Management and supervision of construction work, including analysis of earned value.


Simulation to predict fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, and other related process phenomena.




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